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Member since: 11/09/03
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Couple Him: Straight
Her: Bi

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He:  59   5'8   185
She: 58   5'1   125
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  Las Cruces

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34 to 70
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    Sexy laid back couple that appreciates the erotic side of sharing.

    Short Tag Line:
    Sexy laid back couple that appreciates the erotic side of sharing.

    I/We are looking for
    We are looking for fun, fun and more fun! No drama and no pressure. If you're looking for the same thing, contact us.

    But if you do contact or want to meet us, then please keep your word. If your not going to be able to, at least write us here and explain.

    We've been in the lifestyle in one form or another for over 11 years (we remember our first time, and how nervous we were) and we took our time learning what we were each comfortable with. And now we can honestly say we have seen or heard about almost everything in the lifestyle, so there's little that surprises us.

    We can be very flexible. However, our time is important to us, and if we make plans with you, we're going to plan on being there - if you're not, please don't tell us you will be. We'll appreciate it much more and there are plenty of others out there we would enjoy going out with, but we can't make last minute plans if we're planning on joining you.

    SO, if your new to swinging, or we don't know you already, don't be offended if we ask for your cell phone BEFORE we agree to a specific date (we will be offering ours in return). If you can't share your number with us, you aren't ready to meet us.

    Janey has been pushing some of her boundaries of late, and enjoying more of her kinky side - including more recently, practicing some light BDSM...spanking her male partners after tying them up. If your interested, let her know......if you don't, it won't happen.

    We understand the need for discretion - there are few on this site who have a better reason for being discrete. So, please understand, if we quiz you about where you live and what you do, its to protect all of us from a potentially embarrassing situation. We're not needlessly probing your history - we just need to make sure we're not actually neighbors or colleagues.

    Given that, we are sensitive, open to new ideas, and if we're not sure of something, we are open to coaxing! And we're more than happy to chat about the lifestyle, and answer any of your questions.

    Ideally, we prefer meeting with couples (or single females!) BUT, we do enjoy an occasional SINGLE male for play - if you're interested, write us.

    With the right couple or single person, there are no limits - but we never promise, or assume anything. And we ask that you don't assume we are always open to anything either - sometimes, we are in the mood for a quiet evening sharing the softer side of swinging and sometimes, we are in the mood for much much more. If your not sure where we are, or what we are comfortable with, ask us first.

    If that's not clear...it means, while we may occasionally feel hornier than heck after dinner with you, and ready for as hot an evening as you, sometimes we're just going to feel like chatting, and not much more......don't take it personally.

    Just a hint..the more pictures we've seen before our first meeting, the better chance we'll be interested in an erotic desert after dinner!

    We usually don't play the first time we meet you (however, we break that rule all the time - maybe we should reword that statement?).

    Describe Yourself:
    We color inside the line and draw outside the box - if you understand that statement, you'll like us even more in person. We are a drama free couple (we won't burden you with personal issues simply because we really don't have any) who really enjoy sharing our erotic intimate lives with good friends! We've been married to each other forever, and we truly are soul-mates.

    We're a professional couple (ie..both in professional businesses and self employed).

    Janey is a real bi-sexual...she enjoys men and women equally! She has dark eyes, a bright smile and at 5'1" and 120lbs, she has an absolutely beautiful body. David is straight, 5'8" and 185 lbs with dark hair.

    We enjoy long walks, candlelight, sexy talk, and lots of travel. Oh...we are also very 420 friendly (If you have to ask, you may not be - but that's okay too).

    We would love to see pictures before we meet - we are very visual, and it makes it easier to find you in a crowded restaurant or bar!

    Tell us about your fantasies and/or real experiences.
    Janey's latest fantasy:

    The ingredients needed to make my fantasy come true are as follows:

    * my best hunk of a husband
    * a dark nite
    * several handsome security officers
    * the center line of an empty football field

    To begin:
    Under the cover of darkness, we sneak into the football field being careful not to alert the security staff, because, their job is to keep people from sneaking onto the field at nite.

    I'm wearing only a black raincoat, and climb over or go under any gates and walls as needed,

    Finally, I run blindly onto the dark field while shedding the raincoat. My husband tackles me on the center line, rolling me over so that I am spread eagle under the stars -- directly in the center of the field. I'm trying to be sure not to giggle or otherwise call attention to myself.

    My husband gets me hot and when I'm ready … but wait, here they come. I’ve alerted the security officers and its too late to get away. In this case, I stay where I am and wait, like a startled animal.

    They will shine their flashlights until they get the whole picture. Then they will say: We’re taking you in!

    And my husband will say: “Come here officer, may I have a word with you over here.?” They will disappear deep into the darkness to discuss the situation. Meanwhile, I am held in place by the wolf-like stares of the remaining officers. They regard me without consideration for my position on the ground, spread eagle on the center line. I wait.

    The men, and the moonlight seem to put me in the spotlight It will seem surreal and wonderful. At this point, I begin to feel moist. When the two men return, they have an agreement. “Here’s the deal,” my husband says.

    They will let us go on one condition. They will take close up pictures of you spread eagle. Close ups that they can and will use however they please.”

    I agree wholeheartedly, and the men get to work. They position themselves around and take strategic photos … close-ups at various angles until they have captured everything that they need.

    Some time later I will return to the security office and see the prints. I'm thrilled to see myself in various photos, because there is no face shot, so no one recognizes them as being me. Some are hidden in desks and others displayed on the wall.

    No one notices as I smile and walk out of the room.
    (anyone interested in helping me fulfill this fantasy?)

    The temperature in the large cardio room chilled her when she entered. She used her arms to hide the protruding nipples, or at least to squash them down.—just until she they warmed and flattened on their own.

    The machines made a low murmur as they worked in unison. The sound was filled with the raw energy from the bodies pushing the machines.

    She loved the subdued lighting of the room, nearly dark, because it provided a cover of anonymity and privacy.

    The body warmed up the goose bumps and nipples quieted down. She was on her way, lost in thought, heading into the best part of the workout. She picked up speed. If she had given any conscious thought to it, she would have tired out much sooner, but captured by her mind and body, she kept going: oblivious … and loving it.

    She leaned forward, then back, butt high in the air, then stretching boobs far out front. She raised her arms high, then stretched, her breasts pushed out to their fullest. Her inflated lungs unveiled ribs along the inside of her skin tight top.

    She worked the machine, becoming one with the seat. She was very conscious of the feel of the seat under her, massaging her, encouraging her. Her butt leaned this way and then the other. She imagined being in control of a wild beast, straddling it. Her arms holding the reins, butt perched on the animal’s powerful back. Her black tights stretched over muscular legs that straddled whatever wild beast she imagined at the time. She charged through the forest, pursued by hunters in search of female prey… beautiful female prey. Off came her top which she swirled above her head. “Let them try to catch me!" she thought, her eyes wild. She let go of the garment sending it flying through the forest. Perhaps it landed in the face of the hunter, the scent wild and sweet, driving him crazy with lust.

    She "comes to" with a shock when the machine slows down. “What the…?” she wonders. Her mind still keeping just out of reach of the pursuing huntsmen.

    But the timer on the machine indicated that 30 minutes had elapsed. “Thirty minutes on the machine already!” She remembered nothing of being in the room with the low hum of the machines and the other people around her. Coming to her senses, she looked up and glanced around the room. To her surprise, all eyes, were on her. Men watching from their perches on the treadmills and even women, eyed her.

    What??? She wondered.

    One young lady stared at her open-eyed and trance like. The woman seemed focused far away, on a distant forest, or deserted island or maybe Brazil.

    For Shari.............

    I'm at a table in a crowded bar watching the women dance on the floor. Each wears a sexy costume or some sort of flirty dance dress. The club is dark and noisy, but I can see that the women are very enticing -- and I know it can't be because of the wine that I'm sipping so slow and dainty-like.

    Even though I am sipping, there is nothing "dainty" about what I'm wearing. In jeans, collared shirt and a leather vest with a heart on the back, I am also "in costume". I lean back in my chair -- all casual and cool -- with my cowboy hat pushed forward on my head. I stretch my legs and place my boots on the table, crossing my feet at the ankles. I am enjoying the view.

    Without realizing it, my focus stays on one woman who's dressed in a white thong and sheer top. I didn't know you at the time Shari, because we've never met. You are having a great time on the dance floor, obviously enjoying yourself, and I am mesmerized by you!

    You continue to dance and I continue to watch. I watch closely and you give it up so beautifully: your hips gyrate and your skin glows under the spotlights above the dance floor. I am hidden to you, sitting here in the dark, and that makes it easy to keep my eyes focused on every move.

    Even though you are the one doing all the movin' and twirlin', by the end of the dance, I am sweatin'. When the music ends, you turn to look at me and nod your head all coquetish-like. Surprised that you caught me watchin', I am pleased by your greeting. Then, still looking, you grab one of your breasts, clearly visible under the slinky top, and rub slowly. It is so sexy and hot! I tip my hat in silent tribute and in thanks for the personal show.

    While I'm catching my breath, you're behind me kissing my neck and breathing hard. I sit up and you and I begin to kiss lightly and fondle one another. It's a very uninhibited club so no one is shocked. Instead, they start to notice us, and move their chairs around to watch. Soon we are surrounded by a group of friendly strangers, all enjoying the show.

    You are under my blouse fondling and groping. I am so happy and excited. I stand up. We begin to gyrate together. It is so exciting that just by gyrating in that way together, we both reach our climax quickly. Everyone toasts us with their long-necks. Then we say goodbye to each other with a kiss from you and a wink and a smile from me.

    What else would you like to say, do, see, hear about or learn about.

    I'm at the gym in the darkened cardio room. The equipment: bicycles, treadmills, stair steppers are lined up in twenty rows across and to the back of the huge room. The manic rush hour office crowd has come and gone, and now the strength builders and serious runners have settled in for the afternoon.

    Then there's me.

    I select a treadmill at the front of the row of machines. Behind me are the bicycles and steppers going all the way in the far wall.

    I love being the center of attention. I mean that it is NICE to be the center of attention -- anywhere except at the gym. Because by not thinking about who is watching me I can let the endorphins kick in and just go!

    So I'm working on my concentration and getting into it. The muscles are warming up and I pull the hoodie off my head. The big screen televisions hang against the wall ahead glowing like stage lights. Anyone that can see me from behind, which is nearly everyone in the room, will see my hair bouncing side to side as a sharp black silhouette against the blue lights of the TV screens.

    But I'm not going to think about that. I'm into my workout and myself and having a good time. I unzip the front of my hoodie sweatshirt and pull it off as if I were a high school track star running my ass off in front of hundreds of cheering teenage fans.

    But I'm in the gym, and I'm not in high school, so after pulling off the shirt, I drop it at arms length onto the floor, dainty-like. Aah Freedom.

    My I-pod begins to play the rain and thunder intro to Riders on the Storm. Nice. I pull out my ponytail and with one hand raised, I loosen my ponytail and run my fingers through the strands.

    My t-shirt has fallen off one shoulder. I love it because it makes me feel sexy. Without thinking about it, I wriggle my shoulder and the t-shirt falls further of my shoulder and down my arm, exposing more shoulder and most of my back. I think about my bra. It's pink. If anyone were looking at me, this could be erotic! But no one's looking, so what of it?

    I'm hot and hot and bothered and because no one's watching, I take off my t-shirt. Just pull it off. What the heck! My pink athletic bra is the same as what many young ladies wear to the gym.

    On television, a car drives fast along a dangerous mountain road. It is raining and the car is moving forward faster into the night. I watch as I listen to the Doors, I am moving fast in the dark like the car. I gasp in air, shift into a faster pace and let my hands free to grab my hair up above my head. With both hands stretched above my head for balance, I am one with the car.

    My body is so into it. I let my hair go and it falls away and I move my hands down to feel my chest and muscles, then and move further down to my tits. They are tight and I start to think oh oh. But no one's watching, so what of it?

    I am breathing heavily now as I continue to follow the car and listen to my music. My hands rest cupped around my breasts. I don't know how long they've been there. I pull myself up straighter and let my hands move up and down from breasts to ribs to stomach. Slow and nice. I close my eyes.

    When Pink comes on I almost have an orgasm and decide that I should come to the gym more often.

    I end my ride bending and stretching, nice and long next to my treadmill. I flip my hair back up on my head, tying it in a little bun because I have lost the little tie that held it up earlier. I turn around to face the room. There is a quiet tenseness. It's too dark to see, but get a strong desire to be lifted up and paraded around the room on the hands of what feels like a very appreciative audience. If they wanted to, I'd let them.

    But no one is watching me, I insist to myself. Still, as I reach down to grab my sweatshirt, the idea makes me smile.

    When I leave the room I almost skip.

    The end